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Friends of Ripon Environment and Heritage (FREH) was formed to campaign against the plans for an industrial wind farm that will destroy this so special area

Since these plans initially surfaced all has gone deathly quiet but there is no evidence they have gone away. Please follow the 'Latest News' page for an update


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A large dark cloud has formed over the beautiful and historic countryside to the east of Ripon, North Yorkshire; with its quaint English villages; opposing backdrop hills of the county’s two National Parks to the east and the west; the timeless vistas of the grand old Cathedral rising out of the valley floor in the distance; the majestic river Ure peacefully winding its way through villages and hay fields. It is now proposed to defile and severely degrade all this and the far reaching vistas for ever, never again to be enjoyed in the same manner by present and future generations who live in or visit this special place from afar.

For it is intended to build an industrial wind farm and pylons, with towering 415 ft turbines to dominate over the nearby villages of Melmerby, Wath, Middleton Quernhow, Hutton Conyers, West Tanfield, Sharow, Baldersby and many more; as well as claiming the treasured approaching vistas of Ripon Cathedral. On its own, the long term damage of this wind farm will be severe but the situation will most likely get far worse; if this plan is approved and through the precedent set, it will open the door to further wind farms in the area - look what's happening to Northumberland and County Durham, a developing tsunami of industrial wind farms. Near Harrogate there remain plans to add to the existing 8 turbines; at one point this was to be for no fewer than 42 mammoth turbines that would dominate the vistas for tens of miles around and destroying a major part of the Yorkshire Dales. Then there are plans for a series of wind farms elsewhere in the Vale of Mowbray.

If only this destruction could be possibly justified but sadly as this website will illustrate it will be just to fuel the greed and profits of a few, to symbolise the opinions of the distant misled, and the misguided policies created by certain members of self-gratifying political elite of the EU and UK.

Our website contains a wealth of information, including videos and links, so please take the time to wander through and stay a while. We all have to unite as one to try and protect this treasured landscape, environment and heritage for generations to come; your individual support is really needed so please follow the 'How to Help' link - just a few minutes of your time may be all it needs to tip the balance and subsequently halt this proposal which, like so many others in England, is in the wrong location. 

Follow the 'Latest News' link for up to date developments and forthcoming events.